Special Events

Every day is a special day at BCDC with fun and new surprises, but we extend that to make many days “super special.” We include these “super special days” to go beyond the extraordinary every day thrills and enjoyment to ensure that your child will have memories of these days that they will cherish and remember forever. Some of those magic moments here at camp were Sleigh Riding in July, Jell-O Wrestling, Learning to Juggle, Spin Plates and using Chinese Devil Sticks, Petting and Feeding Exotic Animals, Camel and Elephant Rides, Meeting an Olympic Gold Medal Gymnastics Star, Meeting Famous Sports Stars and many, many more. Every year new and exciting special events are combined with our fun filled favorites. Our Special Events Calendar illustrates the many exciting “Super Special” days planned for each summer and we are certain that every child will leave camp with that special feeling of having participated in something that they never imagined possible. There is nothing that can compare to a Brookhaven Summer.


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